[ 27 Aug 2010 | By: ChantelleJoy | Comments ]
So much Blogging, so little time…

Heya loyal readers (all tens of you!), I wanted to let you know why you might not be seeing many posts on this site over the course of the next few weeks.

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[ 23 Aug 2010 | By: ChantelleJoy | Comments ]
Canadian App: Snaps On-The-Go Review

OK, so I’m back from vacation, I really could have used App while I was away. Read my review of a cute new e-Card App from a Canadian Developer, also, it doesn’t hurt that it’s Free.

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[ 12 Aug 2010 | By: ChantelleJoy | Comments ]
iPad Google Calendar Sync Underdog: CalenGoo.

When I wrote my SaiSuke VS Calendar App review I choose those two because they are what I was familiar with. Half the fun of having this site is the great suggestions I get from readers, and test out new Apps, which I can then share back with my readers, …

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[ 8 Aug 2010 | By: ChantelleJoy | Comments ]
iPad as Second Monitor on PC, Awesome! MaxiVista Review.

There are few things I enjoy more than legitimizing a quasi-frivolous purchase. Not that this was a particularly valid threat for my iPad, I still love finding new and ridiculously useful Apps that make me realize that I made the right choice buying it.

One such of these Apps is MaxiVista. Read my review to find out why this is an awesome App that I think practically everyone should buy.

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[ 5 Aug 2010 | By: ChantelleJoy | Comments ]
Plastic Bullet Review – Olde Timey Effects

I received a suggestion from a reader ‘Cheryl S.’ about this App. I’m going to be honest with you – this is the first App I purchased for my new iPhone 4. With the launch and purchase of this new device I have now made my regular digital camera obsolete . . .

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